About Us

Ever wonder what's really on your baby's mind? How do they really feel when you're kissing them all day? How about when you're squeezing their cheeks? All that goo-goo and ga-ga has to mean something, right? Well, our baby "experts" have finally cracked the code...and we've taken the liberty to share their thoughts with the world through what we like to call "gabs"...

Life as a parent to infants and toddlers can be quite...monotonous. Like our babies, we can easily fall into the cycle of eat, sleep, poop, which for us translates to feeding, putting to sleep, and cleaning poop. Our designs are intended to help break the cycle a bit. They're intended to make you laugh, even if it’s for a few seconds, as you're changing those diapers every half hour and feeding them every 15 minutes.

We thank you for visiting us and really hope you enjoy our designs as much as we enjoy "figuring out" what these babies are really trying to tell us. Be sure to visit often so you won't miss out on the latest gabs. You can also keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram.


See you soon!


The Baby Gabbers Team



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